Enjoy Life by Simplifying It and Wanting Less by Charly Mann

Unlike what we might surmise from living in the modern world, happiness is not derived from having things, but from not having them. The easiest way to simplify your life is to eliminate the unnecessary. This will unburden you from most wants and distractions. You will become wise and happy when you are able to say you have enough. The easiest road to contentment is eliminating material desires. It is the wonderful things you have that money can’t buy that really make you wealthy. When you spend money on something you don’t need you are in fact stealing money from yourself. Seek elegance rather than luxury and refinement instead of ostentatiousness. There is nothing more sophisticated than simplicity. Most people go into debt buying things they do not really need to impress people they really do not like.

To simplify your life eliminate endeavors and get rid of things that prevent you from doing what you really love. Single-task all your activities. It is far less stressful and more productive. Have routines to keep your life simple and organized. Fill your day with simple pleasures focusing on quality over quantity and expense. Keep your house neat and organized. Clutter is distracting and stressful. Reduce the time you are connected to the television and the computer. It is too easy to have our free time dominated by a video screen of some kind. And finally spend less time shopping for things you do not really need. People have made shopping an escape and leisure activity. In truth it is a hollow pursuit and an expensive habit.


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